Ensaladang Pinoy (Filipino Salad)


I just came back from a family vacation in Baler, Aurora. It was an adventure from the very beginning due to the looong journey that involved failed GPS instructions (hence a wrong turn), dirt roads, debris falling from the mountains AND a river crossing! As soon as we arrived, we quickly forgot the ordeal we had just been through.  The resort we stayed in, Costa Pacifica, Baler was beautiful and service was impeccable. We were there for about three days and we thoroughly enjoyed the local cuisine, especially the cute nipa hut restaurant we had lunch in called Kusina Luntian.  When we got back to Manila, I wanted to dedicate a post to a Filipino side dish that we all know and love. It's usually served together with grilled meat, fish, seafood and rice. Filipinos have christened this dish with so many names: ensaladang mangga (Mango Salad), ensaladang talong (Eggplant Salad) but this particlar version I would like to call Ensaladang Pinoy (Filipino Salad) --- for a patriotic flair.  I bet you're also wondering why I even posted this super EASY recipe, the answer is simple: IT'S JUST TOO DARN PRETTY, I couldn't resist! =)

Ensaladang Pinoy (Filipino Salad)


  • Tomatoes, diced
  • Green (unripe) mangoes, peeled and diced
  • Salted duck eggs, peeled and diced
  • Eggplants, washed
  • Bagoong (Shrimp paste)


  1. Grill eggplants on all sides with skin on until charred and soft inside (about 10-15 minutes). Let cool.
  2. Scrape eggplant meat out and place on one side of the platter
  3. Arrange eggs, tomatoes and green mangoes on the serving platter.
  4. Top with bagoong (shrimp paste).


I didn't specify the measurements, you can add and omit as you please.
You may also add diced onions (I'm not a fan of raw onions so I took it out of the equation).
If you're not from the Philippines, you may find the bagoong (shrimp paste) and salted duck eggs in your local Filipino or Asian grocery store.