Tapa Salad


Amidst the rush of the season and the things I've been juggling this time in my life, it's so refreshing to take a look back at the activities I've been blessed to join this year. 

A few months back, my good friend Michelle of mommanmanila.com asked if I wanted to join an event for Pine-Sol that centered on savoring my me-time. I loved the idea of me-time especially when us moms try to juggle our family's needs, work, businesses and everything in between. We tend to forget about ourselves and suddenly realize that WOW, has it been a month since my last manicure and pedicure?! Time for myself has been such a distant reality these days so I will just relish the memory of this particular day.

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We were asked to come in with comfortable yoga clothes in Le Spa at Sofitel. It was already so serene from the moment I entered. I thought to myself that this was going to be a good and relaxing day. We started with a few introductions and then a simple yoga session by Joanne Santos that helped us work up an appetite for lunch. After which, we got ourselves a bit dolled up and enjoyed the healthy buffet spread prepared by Sofitel and a quick talk on how to make healthier choices for ourselves by Nutritionist Agnes Tumaneng and Dr. Jade Cada Aesthetic doctor at Vietura.

Renelle, brand manager of Pine-Sol, introduced us to the 5 refreshing scents of Pine-Sol which are, Original Pine, Orange Energy, Lavender Clean, Lemon Fresh, and Sparkling Wave. All are formulated to disinfect and kill 99.9% of germs, deodorize, cut grease, and remove grime. We were each asked about our favorite scents and each had a different preference. My personal favorite is Lemon Fresh because its perfect for the kitchen. It has a fresh scent that masks strong odors in the kitchen. I also love the Lavender Clean, I use this most in our bedrooms. Orange Energy perfectly cleans and deodorizes the areas of pets since I have 4 dogs. All of them are great and can be used in any part of the house. It's really just a matter of preference but in terms of cleaning power, it is present in all variants. 

Pine-Sol is one of those staple products in my household. In the Philippines, we are lucky to have helpers that make it so much easier for us working moms to get through our day without feeling so exhausted and still obligated to clean. But having a bottle or 20 of Pine-Sol makes it even easier and saves us some bucks too. Just add 1/4 cup of Pine-Sol All-Purpose Cleaner to a gallon of water and you're ready to clean most surfaces in your home! A bottle of this stuff really goes a long way. In my home, the kitchen is obviously one of the most important areas. Right away, I focused on how I could maximize Pine-Sol for my cleaning needs in the kitchen. Here are a few tips from www.pinesol.com:

  1. Refrigerator: Wipe down both the inside and the outside of your refrigerator with diluted Pine-Sol mixture, per bottle instructions, at least once a month.
  2. Trash: Always use a trash bag in your trash can to avoid spills which can lead to odors. Wipe down both the outside and the inside of your trash can with diluted Pine-Sol mixture, per bottle instructions, every time you take the trash out.
  3. Appliances: Wipe down the outside of your appliances with diluted Pine-Sol mixture, per bottle instructions, weekly.
  4. Surfaces: Wipe down all surfaces, particularly those surrounding the stove, with diluted Pine-Sol mixture, per bottle instructions.

Big THANK YOU to the following people who made this such a relaxing and informative experience:

Director of Marketing for Clorox International Philippines Inc.: Tisha De Veyra Brand Manager for Pine-Sol: Renelle Revilla Delos Santos Yoga Instructor: Joanne Santos Nutritionist: Agnes Tumaneng RND Doctor: Dr. Jade Cada Aesthetic doctor at Vietura


*Video by Jay Santos. All photos without Sinfully Sabrina watermark by Jay Santos as well.

The Tapa Salad recipe I am sharing with you in this post is a healthier version of a typical Filipino breakfast. The flavors are there minus the fried rice that usually goes with the meal. I also used an air-fryer to cook the tapa instead of frying it with a ton of oil. This recipe is quite  similar to my Pinoy Breakfast Salad

Thanks to the talk of Agnes, nutritionist from Vietura, we are ready to face 2016 with healthier choices!


Tapa Salad


  • 500g Jam Foods Angus Tapa, air-fried
  • 4 medium tomatoes, diced into small cubes
  • Alfalfa sprouts
  • 2 Salted eggs, cut into small cubes
  • ¼ cup Kesong puti, cut into small cubes
  • Mixed greens
  • 1/4 cup Spiced Vinegar/Pinakurat


  1. Arrange lettuce, tomatoes, kesong puti, alfalfa sprouts, salted eggs and air-fried tapa in a salad bowl in two layers. Serve with spiced vinegar.